Mine Pictures with Descriptions

This is a Google Earth picture of both the private mine that I am looking to purchase and restart, and the federal lode claim I once owned.

Off to the far left, you can see a light gray colored area that are the tailings next to a shallow ore shaft from a placer claim that I previously owned. A larger close-up picture of the lode claim is below.

The claim and the mine mountains share the same type of ore bodies and veins, both gold and silver. However, the small claim was a federal lode claim, whereas, this mine is a patented section of private land. BIG DIFFERENCE in being able to mine without the preponderance of federal regulations, and the state this mine is located in, is VERY mining friendly!


The structures on this property consist of the following: starting left to right in a clockwise pattern:

The smaller white structure – a caretaker trailer; the larger gray colored roof building – the ore processing facility; the two smaller gray roofed structures are car-port type structures that cover equipment repair bays and a tool shed; the next larger white-roofed building is a house; and finally, the large main building (8,000 sq feet!) with solar panels on the roof, and holds equipment, tools, power generation and battery storage, and with indoor living quarters in a very nice trailer.

This series of mining facilities are totally self-sufficient with its own water supply through mountain drainage and a well into an aquifer,  and it’s own power through, wind, solar, and gas generators with top-of-the-line power storage batteries.


Though it is a little difficult to see in this photo, however, looking at the very center, one can see a slight difference in the rock color – from the tan and white to a gray backdrop. This is the point of opening for the main gold shaft that is about 10 feet square, and about 50 feet deep. It is from this shaft, that millions of dollars of gold were removed and processed…and paid for ALL the structures on this property and supported a half-dozen families and the owner for years! It has barely been touched, and there are numerous more veins to be found, not to mention all the silver that also is substantial.

The plan is to blast out the incline of rock in the center, process the gold out of it, and create even easier access to the main shaft and start removing more ore down that main vein.


This is a shaft about 15 feet deep and goes back into the mountain about 40 feet.

While digging the horizontal shaft, two men were inside and broke through a section at the end of the tunnel, and so much water came through, that they were literally washed out and UP through this opening!!

Since then, it has become the main ore processing water supply, and it is never ending since the water comes from within the mountain and is constantly replenished during the twice-yearly monsoon rains that fill every crack and crevice that drain down into the mountain and works it way down toward the aquifer, and gets tapped for use for the mine on the way down.

There is a small diesel engine and pump in a small shed just a few feet away, and it feeds a stainless steel 3800 gallon tank near the processing building.


This view shows the main gold shaft, mentioned earlier but now seen from above. The elongated area contains the rock “ramp” that I mentioned that would be blasted out and processed, to gain easier access to the main gold shaft.

Above and to the left of that gold shaft, and showing all the tailings, is a nearby silver shaft.

This mine contains both gold and silver reserves in the billions of dollars. Along with the proven shafts and tunnel, there are veins just waiting to be found and mined!


On the opposite end of the property, is a silver deposit that has been mined through a tunnel at the base, as seen in the dark spot at the bottom of the tailing piles. There can also be seen two vertical shafts that the tailings came from above the tunnel. One shaft DOES intersect with the tunnel, as I will show in a picture next from INSIDE the tunnel.


The light coming down from the vertical silver shaft as mentioned in the previous picture.


Inside the silver tunnel with plenty of silver to be gotten yet.

At one time, an approximate 30 pound chunk of solid silver was taken from the roof in one piece!


This picture shows a sealed gold shaft that is just below the silver tunnel and shaft in the previous picture.

Back in World War II, gold mines were sealed by the US government and most of the miners went off to war.

Though the current owner never opened this shaft, as he was busy with the gold vein that he found and developed, he does not know how deep this shaft goes or how much gold is still there. But, he stated to me, and I have no reason to contradict him, that there must be a very good gold deposit there, or the government would NOT have bothered to make such an effort to seal it.

Of course, it would be unsealed and investigated and I am sure, re-activated for it’s reserves.


Ore processing equipment inside the 2,000 sq ft building. Everything from crushing, to recovery, to smelting, and refining. Its all enclosed in one building.


The ore processing building looking up from the gold mine access.


The view of the main building from just in front of the ore processing building and that is an ore “grizzly” piece of equipment to help sort and size ore before going into the ore building crushers or the outside larger ore piece crusher.


Next to the ore processing building, a larger piece gasoline driven ore crusher, various vehicles, carport type covered work facilities and a tool shed seen in the shadow under the port. Hard to see in this photo, but to the top right of the roof of the farther structure, up behind the green scrub bushes, is the 3800 gallon stainless steel water storage tank for the ore processing shop.

A better photo of the 3800 gallon water tank to feed the ore processing plant.


Looking into the main building through the main door. A bit fish-eyed view, but gives an overall view how things are currently laid out.


A bit brighter view of the layout. Remember, 8,000 sq. ft.


Just inside the main building, to the right coming in, welders, gas engine and generator, and stack of high-end storage batteries.


Closer view of the engine and generator.



Power distribution center from the solar and generator to the storage batteries and circuits for the buildings.

The owner spared NO expense in getting the best and reliable power producing, usage, and storage system. Over $500k spent just on that alone! (and all paid for by gold mined!)


More storage batteries.


All equipment is mechanically maintained and ready to go back to work!


Nice living quarters inside the main building with a deck on the outside of the building with a direct line of site view of a cell tower a couple of mountains over so excellent cell phone service, and satellite TV reception.

Also, a well was drilled into an aquifer close by to supply this building with all the water it ever needs.

Bottom line: This property was built off of the gold vein that was found with a metal detector! And, only because of age and a stroke victim wife, was this property never developed or mined further.
The owner hired a mechanically able caretaker to protect and maintain the property and equipment.

It would take very little effort to organize, get this mine up and be running again, and be producing gold and silver based income within just a few short weeks. And, do not blow off silver. There is a world-wide shortage, and prices will continue to climb! It is becoming more and more feasible and cost effective to mine it. And this claim has TONS of tailings containing silver that was tossed out! Not too mention there are STILL plenty of veins to work!

The USGS tracked two PRIMARY gold and silver veins that run from the top of the mountains, down through this property. The current shafts and tunnel are IN those tracks…but there are definitely MORE veins to be discovered, along with the current ones that are far from being worked out!

The entire facility is self-sufficient and ready to go. These kinds of mines do not just come along every day. It is a RARE thing, and I KNOW the assay capabilities of this area, as I have done ICP assays of the placer mine next to this property, and even one from just a few random pieces of “rubble” from the ramp into the main gold shaft. The reserves in this property are worth BILLIONS. Not an exaggeration. With current technology and the existing equipment on-site, so much more can be gotten than when the old timers with burros swung picks and grabbed a few chunks now and then.

The Time is now!

Get back to me if you are serious about moving on this now.

$2 million minimum total to purchase and have operating capital (essential labor personnel included in the operating capital). Repayment terms we can both agree on….in cash, gold, silver, or combination. Equity is not an issue, but I will NOT give up control. I have the experience and the knowledge to get the most out of this property and its resources.

This property has been for sale for a while, but because of my relationship with the owner, and he knows I would run it as he would have, I am getting a sizeable discount off the asking price – a 7 figure discount!

But, time is short. He is old, and needs his cash…and I don’t want to lose out on this awesome property.

So, I am generous to a fault. I WILL make it worth your while IF you have the cash, and can move quickly!

Nothing complicated. Simple deal. If you understand mining and how much more valuable a private property patented property is WITH equipment on hand – and self-sufficient, it doesn’t HAVE to be complicated! Everything STAYS except only a pile of chains and some clothes!

Dr. AC West – geologist D.Sc.

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